The eye is transparent and therefore it allows the different types of laser to reach its multiple structures :

Argon Laser can be used to induce microscopic scars on the retina. It is mainly used for retinal treatment especially for retinal tears but also in diabetic retinopathy for the treatment of neovascularization or macular oedema.

YAG Laser is mainly used for the treatment of the secondary cataract (blurred vision due to deposits over the intra-ocular implant) and also in certain cases of glaucoma where it allows to make a microscopic hole in the iris in order to prevent an acute episode of closed angle glaucoma.

SLT Laser is a laser that makes several microscopic holes in the trabecula (a structure in between the iris and the cornea) to allow a decrease of the intra-ocular pressure or to treat some cases of closed angle glaucoma.

Cyclodiode laser allows a reduction of the amount of liquid that is produced in the eye and as a consequence it reduces the intra-ocular pressure by destroying the cilliary body (an organ that produces the aqueous humor inside the eye). This treatment is most commonly used on eyes where other forms of treatment would be difficult or likely to fail.