The CNO is equipped with all the latest equipment necessary to perform visual acuity tests on both adults and children.

These tests will allow us to check your vision and find out whether you have an eye condition needing a prescription for glasses, contact lenses or any other condition that needs to be addressed.

It also allows a more detailed diagnosis in the case of refractive laser (LASIK, PRK) or other refractive surgical corrections (clear lensectomy, intraocular implant,…).

We also provide the different certificates required by the authorities such as driving license, police forces, armed forces,…)

Sometimes, it is necessary to dilate your pupils using eye drops to prevent accommodation, which is the adjustment of the eye for seeing objects at various distances. After this test, driving is forbidden for the following 4 hours and we strongly advise the use of sunglasses since your eyes will be very sensitive to light.