The cataract surgery is done in an operating theatre with the use of a microscope, while the patient is lying down. The surgery consists of extracting the opacified lens and replacing it with an intra-ocular implant (artificial lens). The power of this new lens is calculated before the surgery in order to correspond to the eye of the patient (size, shape…).
The great majority of these surgeries is done under local anaesthesia (eye drops or an injection around the eye), as a day case in which case the patient only stays half a day in the facilities.
The surgery is painless however, pain of variable intensity may be felt in the first 24h after it.

In certain cases, a general anaesthesia or a short hospitalisation of 24h can be recommended.
There are different kinds of intra-ocular lenses: monofocal lenses are the most often used, multifocal lenses, accommodating lenses or toric lenses. The choice of the type of lens will be discussed with your surgeon before the procedure takes place.